Larsen Family | Horse Heaven Hills

Providence and Peonies.

My husband and I had just graduated from our undergrad, moved states, and had our first little baby tucked under our arms. Our first Sunday at church a cute couple asked if they could have us over for dinner and we graciously accepted. We pulled down a long, quaint driveway to a home my husband used to refer to as β€œthe doll house.” We were welcomed inside by a cluster of children and eagarly ushered to our places at the table. Each plate was beautifully decorated with a delicately folded pink napkin and a name card gingerly labeled by tiny hands. In the center of the table was a vase full of luscious peonies as big as cabbages. The meal was delicious and the atmosphere was warm, clamorous and brimming with the purest of joys. This scene is forever etched in my heart and was the beginning of a friendship that quickly became entwined in my soul. We love these people with a fierceness of family. They have truly changed and blessed my life far more than I could ever begin to repay. They are a gift from God.