Brandie + Chapman || Wedding || Columbia River Temple || WA

Brandie and Chapman are absolutely, completely made for each other! Being with them I could just feel the joy radiating throughout the whole day! They were so fun and so sweet and I could go on and on! The way he looks at her made me just melt, and I am certain that in fifty years from now he will look at her with those same adoring eyes. 

Brandie's beautiful dress was handmade by her mom! Isn't that incredible? Such a perfect and priceless gift that makes her day that much more meaningful. Every detail was beautiful down to her rich color palette paired with soft, airy accents. Just stunning!

The weather even seemed to acknowledge Brandie and Chapman's special day when the sun finally peeked out and warmed up the otherwise cold February morning, and graced us with some gorgeous, glowy light.

Thank you so very much for such a beautiful day full of immense joy and love, I was honored to share a little piece of the story. Here's to your happily ever after!

Dress: Kandie Kulmus

Florist: Laurel Burrup

Videographer: Nolan Molt

Cake: Heidi McShane