Kelsey + James || Engagement Session || Salt River

Kelsey and James are the sweetest couple! The first thing I noticed about Kelsey was her gorgeous eyes! (i'm sure if you asked James he might say the same thing!) They were such troopers driving all the way to the Salt River to walk all over rocks in their dress clothes, but all that gorgeous, glowy light made the trip so worth it! 

Kelsey and James's wedding is coming up so soon and I am so excited! There is something so beautiful about being able to capture each unique love story and it never ceases to amaze me how each couple is so different from each other! It might sound so cheesy for me to keep saying that, but when I work with so many different couples and when I stop and think about that it is so unbelievable! Kelsey and James had me swooning. They communicated their love for each other so well just by the way they looked at each other (there I go with her eyes again!) I could see how happy he makes her and it was truly inspiring.