Jen + Obeth || Phoenix Wedding

Jen and Obeth are the sweetest people. I feel like I could end my writing there because I just can't formulate any other way to describe them! I first got the chance to meet them at their engagement session. We were heading to the Salt River so we met at a gas station and carpooled. Best idea ever. It was so much fun to sit and chat with them and hear their story and feel the love and excitement they had for each other and for their special day.

These two met a Jen's church and quickly became friends. Obeth lives out of state but they kept in contact. The night he proposed he took her out to a restaurant and then for a "stroll" to the lake behind. There were lights dangling and rose petals softly lining the pathway and his heart pounding in his chest! There is nothing like watching a couple talk about their moments and experiences falling in love. There is a tangible magic in the air and I am completely honored to have a chance to hear and experience so much joy. 

Thank you so much Jen and Obeth for allowing me the privilege of capturing the beginning of a beautiful life you will share together. I am dying to hear about your honeymoon adventures in Italy!! I wish you all the happiness and love through your lifetime as husband and wife. 


Emily + Daniel || Salt River Engagement

When describing my relation to Emily I always have to laugh. Although technically she is my sister-in-law's husband's sister (quite the mouthful) she is really more like my own sister-in-law. A sister I somehow acquired by a smile of fate. This girl is absolutely marvelous and though you could most definitely take my word for it, my children will attest to her radiant goodness a million times over. We adore "Aunt Em" more than we could express and to say that I am honored to shoot her wedding is quite an understatement. These two had me smiling the entire night and their love was so tender and sweet. June 23 will be a magical day!

Brandie + Chapman || Wedding || Columbia River Temple || WA

Brandie and Chapman are absolutely, completely made for each other! Being with them I could just feel the joy radiating throughout the whole day! They were so fun and so sweet and I could go on and on! The way he looks at her made me just melt, and I am certain that in fifty years from now he will look at her with those same adoring eyes. 

Brandie's beautiful dress was handmade by her mom! Isn't that incredible? Such a perfect and priceless gift that makes her day that much more meaningful. Every detail was beautiful down to her rich color palette paired with soft, airy accents. Just stunning!

The weather even seemed to acknowledge Brandie and Chapman's special day when the sun finally peeked out and warmed up the otherwise cold February morning, and graced us with some gorgeous, glowy light.

Thank you so very much for such a beautiful day full of immense joy and love, I was honored to share a little piece of the story. Here's to your happily ever after!

Dress: Kandie Kulmus

Florist: Laurel Burrup

Videographer: Nolan Molt

Cake: Heidi McShane


Kelsey + James || Engagement Session || Salt River

Kelsey and James are the sweetest couple! The first thing I noticed about Kelsey was her gorgeous eyes! (i'm sure if you asked James he might say the same thing!) They were such troopers driving all the way to the Salt River to walk all over rocks in their dress clothes, but all that gorgeous, glowy light made the trip so worth it! 

Kelsey and James's wedding is coming up so soon and I am so excited! There is something so beautiful about being able to capture each unique love story and it never ceases to amaze me how each couple is so different from each other! It might sound so cheesy for me to keep saying that, but when I work with so many different couples and when I stop and think about that it is so unbelievable! Kelsey and James had me swooning. They communicated their love for each other so well just by the way they looked at each other (there I go with her eyes again!) I could see how happy he makes her and it was truly inspiring. 

Amber and Chris || Back Yard Wedding || Phoenix, AZ

Chris and Amber had the sweetest, intimate wedding, and to start it all off, Amber got ready in the home they will live in together! I loved how many treasured memories they were already making in a space they will share together as husband and wife! This wedding was such a wonderful experience for me because not only did I get to meet this adorable couple, but I also got to second shoot for one of my very dearest friends. Chris and Amber, thank you for sharing your special day with me!


Amber's bright, beautiful colors were so fun to work with!


Amber and her father had the sweetest gift exchange after she had finished getting ready, but before she saw her soon-to-be husband. It was like a father's send off and it literally had me in tears. Her dad was such a tender-hearted man and his love for his daughter was overwhelming. I can't believe that I am lucky enough to share in and preserve such priceless moments. Seeing the tender bond these two shared for each other inspired me to go home and love hard on my own children. Love is such a beautifully powerful thing.

This lovely couple decided to do a first look which is one of my favorite things! It is always such an incredible experience to witness and capture the first few intimate moments the bride and groom share together before showing each other off to the crowd. 

The beautiful ceremony was held in their friend's back yard, and the details were amazing! I am just madly in love with the romantic florals on the arch. The way they were gleaming in the sun was absolutely marvelous. The wedding was officiated by the groom's best friend and owner of this lovely establishment. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, their intimate gathering of family and close friends was such a special experience to be a part of. So much love was felt for these two newly weds by all who were there to support this new union.

I only have one word: BBQ food truck! (oops that is definitely three words...) Let me just talk about not only how fun this was, but how insanely delicious!! This was comfort food to the max and there is nothing like sitting outside on a warm night eating good food with great people. 

Even the condiments were beautiful!